Shipping Addresses

AMPAC Analytical, Attn: Sample Receiving
1100 Windfield Way
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
United States of America


AMPAC Fine Chemicals, Attn: Sample Receiving
P.O. Box 1718
Rancho Cordova, CA 95741
United States of America

The risk of loss or damage to the sample will be assumed by AMPAC at the time of possession when the sample is delivered to either the AMPAC Fine Chemicals facility or the AMPAC Analytical facility. All samples must be appropriately labeled, packaged, manifested, transported, and delivered to AMPAC in accordance with the most current state and federal regulations.

Required Documents

Please complete and submit the following documents upon sample delivery.

  • Completed Sample Submission Form (electronically submitted or printed and submitted with sample)
  • Completed Purchase Order
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Hazard prevention/ personal protection information (if applicable)

Required Materials

  • Sample in its required and necessary packaging
  • Secondary containment

Sample return fees may apply. Standard sample disposal fee is $45.

International Samples

  • Shipments sent from outside the United States must pass through U.S. customs.
  • Some costs associated with shipping to/from AMPAC cannot be determined until the shipment arrives.
  • All U.S. and International Customs Fees, Taxes, Tariffs and related costs will be billed to the Customer on the final invoice.
  • All transportation fees apply with an additional 10% handling fee. For instance, custom fees depend upon country of origin and are determined at the time of shipment. That value would be added to the invoice + 10% of that value.

Please allow sufficient time for international shipments to arrive.

Please note that AMPAC Analytical reserves the right to refuse to accept any sample, which in the judgment of AMPAC is likely to pose an unreasonable risk in handling and/or analysis. For further information please refer to our Terms and Conditions or contact